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Oregon Hemp Analytics maintains a large library of Industrial Hemp Genetics that comply with Current USDA laws that require a total THC level less than 0.3%.

Please be aware that our COA's are pre-harvest compliance results obtained 28 days before harvest (i.e. compliant with Oregon sampling laws), and, as a result, are not an accurate representation of the final CBD concentrations. 

The COAs provided are 3rd Party Tested. Most states require testing by law compliance testing 28 days before harvest. Please check with your specific state for more information.

COA's 28 days Pre-Harvest:

Purple 52




Once your field has been tested, you then have 30 days to harvest your field. COA's are provided below for those seeking test results on final, trimmed flowers Post Harvest. We cannot guarantee finished flower results, as all fields vary depending on your field conditions and the length of time to harvest.

COA's Post-Harvest:

Purple 52





Our seeds have consistently met pre-harvest THC compliance testing, but it all comes down to when samples are taken. 


If your state requires pre-harvest compliance testing for total THC content, we strongly recommend testing our CBD varieties at the end of the 4th week of flower, in most cases this is the end of the 1st week of August. If you wish to push this date further weekly plant samples will need to be analyzed to ensure material does not exceed regulations for THC content.



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