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If you are not sure what strains or types of hemp work in your region or your field, we offer a seed trial program that helps you


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Oregon Developed and Oregon Grown Premium CBD Hemp Seeds and Clones.

Hemp genetics for licensed hemp farmers in the state of Oregon.

Now supplying growers nationwide!

After a year of buildout and preparation, we are finally in our new Hemp Research and Propagation Facility!

In addition to our new growing houses with updated environmental control for pollen protection, we are now in our new hemp testing facility ran by Oregon Hemp Analytics, LLC. Originally coming online as an in house HPLC based potency testing lab, OHA is now testing samples from growers, breeders, processors and researchers who need hemp specific testing procedures.

Direct access to potency testing helps guide our cross breed decision making that we have been refining since 2015. We have been field testing in Oregon every year since 2016 and in 2018 we started growing our hemp genetics in Kentucky and in 2019 we began clone and seed operations in California.

Our new facilities process up to 24 “Harvest Cycles” per calendar year, allowing us to forward our genetics into stability at a rapid pace. A rigorous breeding program has developed hundreds of different strains and dozens of unique varietals all with their own unique characteristics tested alongside our own in house Germination/Feminization testing facility to ensure we are producing viable results.


Should I grow Seeds or Clones?

When you’re deciding what to plant in the field you need to consider a few factors beyond the genetic strains, the format in which the plant is propagated makes a difference in what equipment is used to plant the field and what kind of consistency comes out of the field. 

Strain Specific Clones for field propagation

Know exactly what you are putting in the ground. When you are planting seeds, the plants characteristics can change from seed to seed. When you are planting clones, they are an exact match of the mother stock, it’s an actual cutting from the mom. If you require a very consistent field with very predictable results, you may want to consider using clone stock.

Feminized Seeds for field propagation

When you grow large fields of hemp, you want to plant it and forget it. Let the automated systems take over for watering, fertilizing, etc. If you are using standard seed stock, you have to re-visit the field on a regular basis to remove the male plants to prevent seeding. Our solution is feminized seed. Using a process to ensure the resulting seeds will be female is called feminizing. Once we have a stable strain, we feminize the seeds so the resulting plants are predominately female.

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